Final Entry Month 11 Yoga Teacher Training

January I have found to be a very exciting month. It's always nice to reflect on and be grateful for year you've had, and then the exciting things to come.  For me that means (hopefully) becoming a fully qualified Yoga teacher, moving into our new home, starting maternity leave, then becoming a Mum to our baby due in March. So a happy busy but very exciting year.

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Month 9 Yoga Teacher Training

This month has been lots of learning about a growing body and how to be kind to it.  Previously it was interesting learning about what poses needed modification before physically understanding why. In the last few weeks my bump has grown a lot, so I now see why you can't twist in certain poses or why you need to widen your stance to allow for bump.

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Month 7 Yoga Teacher Training

Since my last journal extract I have to admit I've struggled to practice much, but amazing news - I had my dating scan on Tuesday and it was confirmed that I was 13 weeks pregnant and all was looking well. I was so relieved as could finally relax as am now out of the 'danger-zone' and could now finally tell people. I can also now attend pregnancy yoga classes.

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Month 6 Yoga Teacher Training

"Pregnant Yogini!"

So this month has been a weird one for me. I was all set to really use this time/summer  to practice a lot.  I had planned to attend some half day workshops and maybe go on a yoga retreat for a week in early September.  However,  on the 27th July I found out I am pregnant. I was just over 4 weeks at that stage, so it was really early.

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Month 5 Yoga Teacher Training

July has been a fun month of yoga for me.

I've demo'd for a friend of a friend via Yoogaia website. This was great fun. I signed-up to the online classes at the start of July and whilst the weather was good have been practicing classes in my garden. They have a relatively strong Vinyasa practice led by my friend's friend Rishin, as live and recorded classes.

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Month 4 Yoga Teacher Training

une has seen me with a bit more time (finally coming out of our busy season) to practice, so I have visited a few more local classes, had 1:1 sessions with my old teacher, practiced teaching some friends/family and organised for myself and some othe class members to demo asanas in a class through a contact.

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